JLE Mission

Our Mission

The mission of Jenny Lind Elementary is to create independent learners while providing a positive environment with consistently high expectations for life-long success.

Core Beliefs

The staff of Jenny Lind Elementary believe that:

  • A good educator and administrator have clear expectations, work collaboratively, and address the diverse learning needs of all students.

  • A good school is one in which staff works together and understands the continuum of expectations and standards throughout all grade levels.

  • An effective classroom is one in which expectations are clear, discipline is consistent, and all students feel successful and a part of the classroom/school community.

  • A school should teach children values and skills to be productive and curious citizens.

  • A successful student is able to make wise choices, take responsibility for his/her actions, effectively communicates ideas and beliefs, and rises to academic standards.

  • A quality instructional program includes on-going assessment, clear objectives, differentiated instruction, collaboration, communication among staff and parents, and includes diverse and interesting standards driven curricula.